Sukkur IBA started Talent Hunt Program in the year 2007 after realizing the academic deficiency of the students coming to the institute from underprivileged community. The major concern of the institute was high *dropout rate among students when they were being admitted directly to regular programs. This was mainly because of the gap between academic level of the students coming to the institute and the level required by the university degree programs.

In order to fill this gap, Sukkur IBA came up with the idea of Talent Hunt Program. Under this program, the students are admitted in a foundation/zero semester to study important courses like English, Mathematics, ICT and General Knowledge. These courses have been carefully selected for the reason that no matter what choice of degree program students go for in future, these courses would help them.

Talent Hunt Program is a fully funded program by Sukkur IBA. In the years 2009, 2010 and 2012 Community Development Program, Planning & Development Department of Government of Sindh joined hands with Sukkur IBA to contribute in the betterment of community. For all other years, Sukkur IBA has borne the cost of the program without charging even a single penny from students. The program offers,

  • Free transport
  • Free accommodation
  • Books and other study material
  • Laptop and cash prize for winner of Book Review Competition and Mathematics Olympiad
  • No tuition fee is charged
  • Stipend of Rs. 4000 for living

The students admitted in the program are continuously assessed through monthly exam. Those who secure minimum 2.2/4.0 GPA are offered admission to the degree program of their choice without appearing in any other entrance exam. More importantly, those who secure 3.0/4.0 are also offered fully funded scholarship for the four years of their degree program.

Every year Sukkur IBA announces this program since 2007 and the interest of the students/community is increasing with every passing day. Following table shows the increasing interest of community in the program. The number of applicants with every passing year is increasing which shows the popularity of this program.

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NTHP OGDCL 2017 Foundation Result Announced

Note 1: Passing Criteria Candidate has to secure 2.20 GPA and has to pass all courses.
Note 2: Fail can be Due to Less than 50% Marks in Final Exam / Less than 60% Marks in aggregate."










Commencement of classes for National Talent Hunt Program (NTHP) is June-2016...

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