Introduction to OGDCL-National Talent Hunt Program
What is National Talent Hunt Program?

Skilled human capital is the key to the economic prosperity and development of nations. Much of the labor gets skilled in tertiary level education. Plight of basic education and overall education system in our country is dismal. Youth accessibility to higher education is 7%, lowest in the region. Among others, youth inability to qualify admission process (academic poverty) and financial poverty are major causes of lower accessibility. Pakistan is blessed with extraordinary talent but much of them is underutilized, causing a rural-urban divide.

Understanding the depth of issue, Oil & Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL)and Sukkur IBA University demonstrated a mutual commitment to support Pakistani youth toward acquiring quality higher education through a unique fully-funded foundation semester, known as “National Talent Hunt Program”. Both partners initiated this program by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in 2016. The goal of this project is to give opportunity to intermediate qualified students, who otherwise cannot afford quality education, to complete undergraduate studies at Sukkur IBA University along with a foundation semester.

Under this program, 300 students from five provinces of Pakistan including,

  • Baluchistan
  • KPK
  • Punjab
  • Sindh
  • Gilgit Baltistan

The selected candidates will be admitted to a six-month foundation semester covering basic courses like English, Mathematics and ICT. During first six months of the program, the students will be rigorously taught and assessed in these three courses at state-of-the-art learning environment through highly qualified and experienced faculty.

Top 100 students, based on continuous assessment of six months, would be given an option to join one of following Sukkur IBA regular bachelor degree programs,

  • BBA
  • BBA-Agribusiness
  • BS- Accounting and Finance
  • BS- Computer Science
  • BS- Software Engineering
  • BS-Mathematics
  • B.Ed (Hons)
  • BE- Electrical Engineering with specialization
    • Electronics
    • Power
    • Telecommunications
  • BE - Computer Systems Engineering
  • BE - Energy Systems Engineering ( Renewable )

Initial six months as well as subsequent four years of Bachelor degree program would be fully sponsored by OGDCL National Talent Hunt Program.