Abdul Mustafa S/o Ghulam Rasool

Shikarpur, Sindh

My story begins with my elder brother, who is also an alumnus of Sukkur IBA University. We belong to a very humble family. My father is a Primary School teacher. Even the idea of higher education used to feel like a luxury to us. Which brings me back to my brother. Despite our financial struggles, my brother persevered and got scholarships to get higher education. I, following his footsteps, initially applied for THP and got enrolled in the regular program. But we couldn’t afford the hostel fees and other expenses. I then discovered OGDCL National Talent Hunt Program and how it is absolutely free of cost. I knew I had to apply. When I was applying, my brother encouraged me, further boosting my confidence. I am now enrolled in BS Accounting & Finance. I have my career goals in my sight and I plan to achieve them through this opportunity that has been bestowed upon me.

Neha Hasija

Ghotki, Sindh

My older brother applied for Sukkur IBA a long time ago. He had gotten the admission as well but, sadly, there were no scholarships that he could avail at that time. So, he had to let go of his dream of studying here because of my family’s financial handicap. It was my brother’s dream that I took upon myself to fulfill. It was when my cousin sent me the advertisement of OGDCL National Talent Hunt Program that I changed my goal from “getting admission in Sukkur IBA” to “getting into the list of top 100 students of Semester Zero”. Being a medical student, I had to work really hard in re-learning mathematics. I had to self-study as well. I remember I cried happy tears when I saw my name in the admission list. This has been the best experience of my life.

Sadia Iftikhar

Attock, Punjab

In Pakistan, it is not unheard of that parents don’t want their children going away from homes for higher education. Such was the case with my parents as well. I had the good luck of coming across the advertisement for OGDCL National Talent Hunt Program in Jang News and, later, I attended the outreach seminar. My uncle is both, an Electrical Engineer and an inspiration for me. So, when I learned that Sukkur IBA also offers BS in Electrical Engineering, I knew I had to force my parents to grant me this wish. I appeared in the test, cleared it and was finally able to convince my parents to let me study. Studying in Sukkur IBA has been an enriching experience. The faculty here has not only helped me enhance my comprehensive abilities but have also guided me on how to operate in this society and be a constructive part of it. I look forward to graduating and giving back to society what this scholarship has given me.

M. Ameer Hamza

Mianwali, Punjab

I have studied from a small town called Kundian in the Mianwali District. The shift, from studying in an institute only half an hour away from home to studying in an institute 14 hour away, was huge; but one totally worth making. I took this leap of faith because I knew Sukkur IBA University and its reputation. The fact that OGDCL National Talent Hunt Program selects students from all across Pakistan was also an encouraging factor because I knew fitting in wouldn’t be an issue. When I initially joined Semester Zero, I had trouble keeping up because I had never studied so conceptually before. But thanks to the supportive faculty here, I am now enrolled in the regular program.

Saima Batool

Quetta, Balochistan

Growing up, I have been disappointed by the education sector again and again. It made me want to work towards the betterment of my society. It was one fateful day when I opened Facebook that changed my life. I came across the advertisement for OGDCL National Talent Hunt Program, an opportunity to work towards my dream. I started researching on Sukkur IBA University. Did you know Sukkur IBA is a W Category Business School? I was amazed to see such an amazing institute and how I had a chance of becoming a student free of cost! It took a lot of convincing for my parents to let me study here, but I persisted. When I first joined Sukkur IBA, I wanted to study BBA but when I came here, I discovered more prospects. I always had a good grip on mathematics. Hence, I decided to pursue BS Accounting & Finance. Now, my dream is to get into the finance sector and make it strong.

Fareed Ahmed

Panjgur, Balochistan

Wise people say that our friends make or break us. I am very lucky to have had a friend who made my life. He informed me about the OGDCL National Talent Hunt Program. I always dreamt of becoming a chartered accountant but I never thought it was possible, given my family’s financial status. So, when my friend informed me of the scholarship, I didn’t think twice before applying. Even though, as I was applying, I wasn’t all that aware of Sukkur IBA and what it is like as an institute. So, when I came here for Semester Zero, I was amazed. Everyone is very helpful and I got comfortable very quickly. Everyone is very accepting. I am currently enrolled in BS Accounting & Finance and plan to continue pursuing my dream of becoming a chartered accountant.


Quetta, Balochistan

Despite my humble family background, I have always had a passion to study. It was my passion that brought me to this opportunity. I had been asking my teachers about prospective scholarships that I could apply for when one of my teachers informed me about OGDCL National Talent Hunt Program. I am so grateful to my family that supported me throughout the process and continue to motivate me to work towards my dreams. Because I was applying to Sukkur IBA, a business institute, it only made sense to me to choose BBA. Hence, I initially applied for BBA. But once I arrived here for Semester Zero, I realized there were many more opportunities that I could utilize. I am now enrolled in BS Computer Science and I strive every day to make my parents proud.

Gul Mar Shah

Khyber Agency, FATA

I belong to a very underdeveloped area. I never would have discovered OGDCL National Talent Hunt Program had it not been for my friend. He had applied the previous year but, unfortunately, could not get admission himself. With my family’s financial conditions, I knew I couldn’t get higher education other than a scholarship. So, I applied and started a rigorous study regime. I studied day and night and focused on both, English and Math. With the blessing of ALLAH, I got selected for Semester Zero. This experience was eye-opening. The teachers were all so supportive. I faced some difficulty with ICT in Semester Zero but the faculty was so helpful that I managed to get the scholarship. I am currently enrolled in BE Electrical Engineering and I plan to go back and work towards the development of my region.


Peshawar, KPK

I was very little when my father passed away. So, as you can imagine, our financial conditions did not warrant me to study in a university other than with a scholarship. My teacher, one day, informed me of OGDCL National Talent Hunt Program. I decided to research and find out more about Sukkur IBA. I wanted to know whether it was a good option for me or not because my passion had always been Software Engineering and not Business. I was surprised to find out that the HEC Rankings were very good for Sukkur IBA’s Software Engineering Program. When I did get shortlisted for Semester Zero, I was also amazed to find out that out of the 75 students that were selected from KPK, I was the only girl. I didn’t let that faze me. I put in my best effort and I’m happy to tell you this, I am currently enrolled in Software Engineering in Sukkur IBA and I continue to pursue my dreams!